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Review from customer

My skin always very red and sensitive. After using Vita Serum, it help my skin to reduce redness and calm it. It contains a few ingredients that seems to help improve skin barrier, which claims to prevent and reduce sensitivity after using it for long term. Shall continue to see if it really help. Overall, okay for my skin. Not oily too.

- HweeTing.

Review from customer

Bought aspure sleeping mask, tried for few days oredi. I like the gel texture, not oily. Suppose to be a gift for girlfriend, but she ask me to use together. So far ok la. Price slightly higher than other brand but see la, if the result good can buy again.

- Hussain.

Review from customer

Their new product, very easy to use and helpful. Can use even after makeup. Just spray and go. My skin easy dry and makeup will crack fast in office. I use this spray already no more dry. makeup no crack also already. Very good skin care. Thank you my beautician advise.

- MdmFang.

Review from customer

I have been using Aspure Wash for 5 years. My beautician told me my skin is very dull and prone to yellowness due to free radical damage and also pollutants all. This wash is more suitable for me. I also use their other skincare under this range, but i love this wash the most. Not drying and it brightens my skin after each cleansing.

- Ziling.T.

Review from customer

My first bottle of Oxy Comedone Gel was introduced by my mom. She's a regular in ADONIS. Been using this gel for years as my skin is very prone to acne. This gel helps to keep my acne in control, reduce sebum, oil and shine. It also help to sooth the redness. I always restock this!

- CharmaineSeen.

Review from customer

在她们这做淡斑护理和用STEM CELL RENEWAL CREAM,我的斑真的淡化许多。之前做工地方,太阳爆嗮,皮肤开始出现很多斑,用了其他家产品,肌肤越用越干,斑也没好转。在小红书看见网红的推荐,就来试试。果然没让我失望。喜欢的朋友们,可以到这试试。

- 夕颖.

Review from customer

Hudor Serum help keep my skin hydrated and smooth without the sticky feeling. It absorb into my skin super fast. My sister also using this. We both like its light Yuzu scent. Very refreshing. Just hope it is cheaper, as we use it day and night, very fast finish. :D

- JeannaSimYX.

Review from customer

After using Liposome Dews , I feel my skin is firmer and tighten,

- TheresaChin.

Review from customer

Love the Hudor sleeping mask . it hydrates and soothes my skin well.

- VanessaChen.